Confessions Of A Male Nurse

November 16, 2009


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That’s my new word.  I learned it today watching a comercial for South Park, to which I thought, “this is brilliant… ‘craptastic.'”

It means:

craptastic (adjective) : the opposite of fantastic, expressing how phenomenally bad something is.
That movie was craptastic.

November 5, 2009

Nurse Keith a “Nagger!”

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LMAO! From Scrubs, Nurse Keith is arguing about his relationship to his girlfriend Dr. Elliot, and Dr. Kelso listens in:

I love this show… it’s like my hospital on funny steroids.

November 4, 2009

Wow… a male nurse action figure?

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At first, I thought this was a joke… but no, it’s the real thing!

Finally… an action figure for our working class heroes.  Now if we can only stop the gay stereotype…

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